2 older kittens to go to a good home as i had to move and cannot keep them, they are 3-4 months old, the male is a grey tiger striped kitten we call buddy, hes very sweet and cuddly, we also have a female we call pinky who is a solid grey with calico orange spots on her, she too loves attention and is very freindly , we also have 5 younger kittens who were born last week who just opend their eyes recently who will be good to go in 5-7 weeks or so there is 2 light grey tiger striped like buddy and 2 darker grey calico like pinky, and also one more grey calico witch has half an orange face. please email for more information also can call 831 and ask for Amanda i will add more pictures asap as they have gotten a bit bigger... the photo of the grey and orange cats are buddy and gingy, gingy is the father of the kittens, the next photo is the same 2 again, then pinky is in the next photo and the one after that is buddy again, and then the 5 kittens and another of the five kittens and pinky!